APAC payroll newsletter 2023 - Q2

The APAC payroll newsletter helps to provide important updates on upcoming changes and amendments to payroll regulations for 2023 to assist with payroll compliance across APAC.

Key highlights:

  • Australia
    • Fair work amendments
    • Government announces plans for $3 million superannuation cap 
    • The ATO's new work from home deduction rules - practical or onerous?
    • Payroll Tax for Medical Centres - An uncertain prognosis
    • New flexible work arrangements and your obligations 
  • China
    • The extension of the preferential policy for individual income tax 
    • Y2022 individual income final settlement
  • Hong Kong
    • Repeal of provisions relating to Covid-19 vaccination under employment ordinance
  • India
    • Provisions in the Indian Union Budget 2023-24 affecting payroll calculations
  • Korea
    • Adjustment in National pension base salary (effective from July 2023)
    • Adjustment in health insurance base salary and year end settlement (effective from April 2023)
  • Singapore
    • New complementarity assessment framework (COMPASS) for employment pass applications
    • Changes to the CPF salary ceilings