APAC Corporate secretarial newsletter

As businesses expand their operations into new countries, it brings a wealth of opportunities but also creates compliance risks

With its economies driving global growth, Asia Pacific (APAC) is an inviting region for multinational corporations seeking expansion.

Each jurisdiction in the region has its own rules and regulations so getting compliance right is a challenge faced by businesses of all sizes. To minimize these challenges, our APAC corporate secretarial newsletter provides information on how to ensure compliance on an international scale and helps businesses gain comprehensive insights into the business landscape across APAC.

Corporate secretarial annual assurance package

In managing corporate secretarial compliance across multiple countries, you will face different filing formats, deadlines, and reporting requirements. It can also be problematic and inefficient using multiple local providers and hiring specialists in country.

How can we help you?

Mazars offers a comprehensive corporate secretarial annual assurance package that is seamless and efficient. By centralizing your company secretarial services with one experienced firm, you retain greater control over the various regulations required to comply across multiple countries. We have a consistent package which covers the mandatory filings in each country with a retainer offering a discount on one off services required when you have a corporate action that gives rise to a filing.